J&J’s Bicycle Riding Glossary

This glossary is for bicycling, bike touring or anything related terminology.  The words and definitions may or may not be found in a dictionary.

 Help us grow the glossary! To add a term and or definition to the glossary leave it in a comment and we will post it to the web page.  Have fun!

Bail out options:Accommodations or transportation options that were not in the original itinerary that typically makes the trip a bit easier. For example: choosing to stay in a hotel because you are so done with camping in the rain after five cold and wet nights.

Credit Card Tour: A bike tour that utilizes hotels, B&B’s, hostels and restaurants to minimize the gear needed to be carried by the rider. A sub-category of a self-supported tour.

Epic: An adventure that takes twice as long as expected. Must include at least two of the following:  a moment or two or uncertaintity about where you are, questioning if you have enough food or water, wondering what it would be like to stay out over night or pseudo (but real in the moment) meltdown by one or more member of the riding party.

Grumpy-Hungry: You went too long before consuming calories and now you are so hungry that you are grumpy. It is all you can do to open the package of food and inhale the contents.  Luckily for you and your riding partner(s), it only takes a short while after calorie consumption for the grumpies to subside.

Hybrid Bike Commuter: someone who drives an automobile for a portion of their work commute – the rest is done on bicycle.

Hmuggy: [ha-mug-gee] (adj): The combined hot and muggy feeling one gets as you continue to ride in your rain gear after a good soaking by a rain squall on a relatively warm day (>60 degrees F).

Just Riding Around (JRA): Should be self explanatory.  Just going for a ride on your bike. No destination. Making rights and lefts as the whim takes you. Just Ride Around.

Rain GearOuterwear that keeps one reasonably dry during a down pour.  May consist of booties, pants, jacket, hat and gloves.  Can double as wind protection.

Truck Suck [truhk suhk] (noun): To be drawn in (through air displacement) toward a fast moving semi truck traveling in the same direction on a road with limited or no shoulder.

Truck Whip [truhk wip] (noun): when a semi traveling in the same direction passes you and creates a vortex that hurls you forward. (DGH)

4 responses to “J&J’s Bicycle Riding Glossary

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  2. I LOVE IT! In this “training for an Ironman” process I am subjecting myself to I can completely relate to your Epic adventures and most certainly the Grumpy-Hungry feeling. I have wanted to have major melt downs but have resisted as to not scare off the few people brave enough to cover the distances with me in training. I am complete Mush Brain most of the time and get lost quite frequently on rides and runs as direction no longer exists, my world revolves around time on feet and time in the saddle. Today I am a tired triathlete and very much appreciate the humor of your adventures. Love You Both!

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