Truck Suck

Truck Suck [truhk suhk] (noun): To be drawn in (through air displacement) toward a fast moving semi truck traveling in the same direction on a road with limited or no shoulder.

Truck Suck is the reason we avoid riding on highway 240 as much as possible even though it travels through some of the most beautiful winery dotted countryside in Oregon. The 240 is a two lane rural highway with little to no shoulder, lots of blind turns, rolling hills and nasty drainage ditches chocked full of blackberry brambles. Highway 240 provides a direct path from Newberg to Yamhill and thus is a commonly used route for logging and other large trucks. Although it is possible to experience truck suck from relatively small vehicles, the worst exposure comes from the large semi trucks with double (or even triple) trailers.

Unfortunately for us, we live just off  highway 240 which means that we have to risk Truck Suck if we want to ride from home.

One response to “Truck Suck

  1. when you survive truck suck, you sometimes then get the benefit of truck whip. that’s when a semi traveling in the same direction passes you and creates a vortex that hurls you forward. as a kid riding my bike to my summer job on the “truck” farm, i always appreciated it when the truck whip was timed as i was arriving on the crest of a hill for that last oomph to carry me over.

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