The Elan Valley.

Elan Valley Bike route markers

The Elan Valley is a river gorge carved by glaciers.  The sweeping hillsides follow the natural curves of the Elan River with four reservoirs and dams producing a series of man-made lakes. The dams were built to maintain the Franklin Reservoir to supply Birmingham with fresh water.  On the day we cycled through, the rains had abated and the reservoirs were overflowing the dams which made for some pretty impressive waterfalls.  The Elan Valley is a spectacular nature preserve well worth a visit.

I am not a talented enough writer to aptly describe the beauty of the Elan Valley.  Instead of trying to put it down in words- this post will mostly be pictures (although our pictures don’t do this magnificent valley justice, either). You know what they say about pictures…

The Elan Valley is a magical place!

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