Camping, Glamping or Farm Living

Wyeside Camping Ground.

Camping in England (well in Wales at least) is an interesting experience.  The campgrounds are usually large freshly mowed camping fields often flanking a river or lake.  Sometimes it is simply a camping field such as in Rhayder at the Wyeside Campground where we are right now. This is our second stop at this lovely camping field as we are heading back up through the middle of the country on the NW diagonal of our figure eight around Wales.

The Wyeside (on the river Wye) campground is more like true camping. They have some amenities- clean hot (lovely) showers, potable water, trash containers and a dishwashing station. The camping field is well maintained and the grass is freshly cut – and super soft to sleep on.

Fishgaurd Bay Camp ground

Fishgaurd Bay Glamping

The caravan camping site or Glamping site at Fishguard (Fishguard Bay) was quite beautiful high above the bay.  They have dedicated camp sites with full hook ups available- all the amenities – I mean all including a fish and chip truck that showed up on saturday and wednesday evening- a TV lounge, pool table, full service store.  This is Glamping.

The other sites we have stayed at have been working farms. By far the most interesting of camping.  We have stayed at three working farms: Clyne Farm in Swansea, Church House Farm near Carmethan, and Priory Mill Farm in Brecon.  The farmers go about their business and you get to camp in one of their converted fields. The amenities are basic but sufficient (more than Jay and I are used to in the back country) and the price is right.

The Clyne Farm is a working horse farm with fantastic views of the

Clyne Farm- Jay exiting the camping field.

southern Wales coast and good access to the rather touristy Mumbles area of Swansea. The camping fields were quite crowded as there was a swim (or rowing ) team taking up one of the areas. The amenities were sufficient although a bit dirty- but it is a working farm after all. Horses in fields to the North, ducks in the centrally located pond, a huge pig in the field to the West and cows off the the South.

Church House working farm camping field.

We had the whole camping field to our selves at the Church House Farm – if you didn’t count the dogs, children and donkeys that came with the farm! The funny thing about the Church House Farm is that they are “Certified” as a Glamping site because they have a fancy Tee-Pee for rent complete with all the comforts of home! The campsite is not well sign posted causing Jay and I to take an extra mile detour down a rather steep and rutted dirt farm access road adding a few extra miles of  adventures to our already long day!

The Priory Mill Farm is by far the most pleasant farm camping so

Prior Mill Farm Camping Field

Priory Mill Farm Camping Field. The old Mill house is at the top of the picture.

far.  The owner, Noel, is a furniture maker- so the simple bathroom block was actually made to be quite fancy.  There were wood stumps for seats and portable fire rings. The four farm chickens do their rounds to make sure you didn’t drop any food. They also provide fresh eggs for your breaky.   Priory Mill Farms is a great location within walking distance to Brecon, a town known for it’s gastronomy (good food) and local to the Black Hill for hiking.  Definitely worth a stay.

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