Days 6 & 7, Rides 6 & 7

Day 6, Sunday


Two of the many wineries within a short distance of our home.


Gravel to pavement…

As the ladies continue to teach and prepare for the upcoming class, I took most of the day off by sleeping in late and working around the house. Since they were working hard, I decided to have a nice dinner for them. A request had been made for a grilled whole chicken so my bike ride ended up being a grocery run into Newberg.

It’s about a 5 mile run downhill into town, with a gravel start. These are the same roads JP and I used to train for the inaugural Vernonia Marathon in 2011 and I’ve ridden throughout the Dundee Hills many times. From our house, there are over a dozen wineries that can be visited via many of these gravel roads.

Dinner menu:

Grilled chicken, pan-seared sea scallops with onions, crimini mushrooms and garlic, jasmine rice,steamed broccoli and banana/chocolate chip bread pudding for dessert…sorry, no pictures of dinner since we started eating as soon as it was ready.

Day 7, Monday

Another 18 mile ride via some of the backroads of Yamhill County that ended at Linfield College to help with gear prep. Although rain threatened all day after pouring last night, the weather was just windy and a bit warmer than the past few days. Checking the reports from Spokane this evening…5 inches of new snow and crappy riding conditions. Yes, being in Oregon for a few days feels good.

Enjoy the ride!


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