Mapping issues…

UPDATE: I’ve used a number of mapping websites to generate KML files for Google maps over the past few years. is the latest and I found a solution to the broken maps from Google Maps.

Rather than save the map in KML format and then upload the file into Google Maps, GPSies has a link to open Google Maps directly from their website. This creates the entire map on one page. The link from that page can then be inserted into a WordPress blog for proper formatting!!!

Here’s the result…

I have a question for all you Google mapping pros…I’ve mapped our upcoming tour on, generated the KML file and imported it into Google Maps. Google will invariably chop the route up into 2 or more parts that must be toggled between. You can’t see it all at the same time!

This happens the same way no matter which mapping site the KML file is generated from. Below are the 2 maps Google generated from the single KML file.

So far, I’ve only been able to use the Google link to put a map into WordPress. Any suggestions as to how I can create a route map and incorporate it into the blog as a single map?



2 responses to “Mapping issues…

  1. Looks like it should be a great ride!

    I use a GIS program for my mapping needs, which are a bit different. I have a couple hundred GPS tracks on one map, and then I export it to an image file. You can’t zoom in and out, but watching it fill in gives me a sense of accomplishment, which motivates me to do more stuff.

    I’m not sure how you might be able to wrestle gmaps into doing what you want. If you can find an online map that does, though, you can display it on your blog using an iframe.

  2. Forrest, thanks for the ideas. If you read the update, the website I’ve most recently been using provides a direct link to Google Maps…no more saving KML, uploading to Google and getting it chopped into pieces. Jay

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