Wales- a Reflection

Last year, about this same time, another wonderful trip was winding down!

Peterberger Bike Adventures

A journeys end is always bitter sweet.  Our Wales adventure was no exception.  Wales is a fantastic place to travel by bicycle- particularly if you like to ride hills, lots of hills.   And rain… lots of rain.  This episode of Peterberger Adventures has come to a close and we are telling our tales to any ears that will listen, including our dogs.

Yesterday we rode 47 miles in Oregon- deciding to do some climbing we logged over 3600 feet in elevation, unloaded (Jay was on his road bike).  It was pleasantly cool in the morning but hot and humid in the afternoon. Of course, we left at 11am and proceeded to do most of our climbing in the hottest part of the day.  Climbing allows me to think.  This particular climb brought me back to Wales.

Our 760 mile figure eight journey around Wales took us to more cities, towns and villages than most Welsh people have…

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