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9-27-2013 6:54 PST –

A few thoughts about flying. Or Not flying. My flight to Tokyo was delayed due to a hydrolic pump. I don’t think it was the pump that was failing. No, the captain mentioned the circuitry. Which would come back to plague us.

We were on the plane for one hour and then asked to de-plane and then re-planed. That’s a lot of plane-ing.

My dinner was acceptable. I always order vegetarian when I fly- there is something about the mass processed meats that grosses me out. The carrots, grapes and pineapple in my meal were good. The bean conglomerate was unrecognizable as any food I have eaten before. But, with a little salt is wasn’t bad. Salt will do that.

Mercifully, I endured and am done with grading the bulk of 130 exams. I refuse to give in and have only scantron tests. Once I enter the grades into my open office document, I think I’ll watch a movie. Or not. Remember that circuitry from the pump-thing. Well- they blew out the in-flight entertainment. I guess I’ll just have to let Stephen King entertain me via audio book.

I am just happy to be making my way. At this point I don’t know if I will make my connections- but, i’ll figure that out when I get there. I will get to Kathmandu. Boots or no Boots :).


Fast Food in Bangkok Airport

Fast Food in Bangkok Airport

It is 330 in the morning Bangkok time.. and 1:30 in the afternoon in my brain and stomach. I am on my second cup of earl grey and my second hour of “1 hour” free internet.  I have not really been to Bangkok- merely just the airport – I am finding the Thai people to be very friendly. Although the BKK airport is loaded with Western options- I am intrigued more by the Eastern foods that are available. I am having a hard time making a decision about my next meal. So many tasty options.

The hardest part of traveling is missing the people and pups at home.

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