Bike. Camp. Cook.

At Lincoln City Oregon.

At Lincoln City Oregon.

Jay surprised me with a first edition of the Bike. Camp. Cook. book created by Tara Alan, one half of Going Slowly (Tyler is the other half). The book is an excellent resource for anyone cooking for themselves on a bike tour. The recipes are simple and very easy to follow. I made the “one-eyed sailor” for Jay at home the other day. Tara does a nice job describing her traveling kitchen including how to pack the kitchen and snack panniers, how to carry food when your packs are full, and tips for cooking on a one burner stove. The layout is absolutely beautiful – the pictures are stunning – almost like a coffee table book. The Bike. Camp. Cook book was made possible by crowd source funding (a Kick Starter Campaign) and they have self-published. Tara and Tyler have done an outstanding job and delivered a fantastic product!

I plan on incorporating some of Tara’s ideas on my next bike tour and I will use some of her recipes in my backpacking class. Nice work you two!

Order Tara’s book here!

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