Change – it is a comin’

Stem top aWell, here it is – our official announcement.  All ducks are in a row and we are ready to talk about the next Peterberger Adventure.  And it is a doozy.

To date, we refer to our next bike adventure as NAB or Norway and Beyond.  Why the touch of unknown?  Because really, we don’t know exactly where beyond will take us.

So there you have it:  Jay and I are embarking on a journey of a life time. I have taken a much needed leave of absence from work and Jay unfortunately had to resign his position as a Medical Surgical Nurse.

We leave June 9th 2014 and will explore the world by bicycle for at least a year. 

Our plan is to see and experience as much of the world as we can. We intend to live simply out of our tent, cooking on a one burner stove and pedaling to the next destination.

What we do know is that we start in Oslo, Norway.  We have already made plans to stay with friends, Katie and Morton (and Linfield Alum) in Oslo.  Alexa (from the Wales Alexa and Tomo fame) and her partner, Abi, will join us for the first leg of our Norway journey.

Plans and preparations are in full swing.  April is going to be crazy busy with school and work- so staying focused is the name of the game.

We hope you will follow us on our blog.  Or better yet, get on your bike and join us for part of the next Peterberger Adventure.

Ride on!

One response to “Change – it is a comin’

  1. Some of our comments from Facebook- so nice to have such wonderful support. Enjoy the Ride

    Good on ya!
    Sounds amazing!
    Oh my goodness, Janet!! I am SO EXCITED for you!! What an adventure this will be. Can’t wait to hear all about your journies!
    Awesome! I look forward hearing about your journey on your blog. Sunjo Ohn this is something we should put on our bucket list.
    Creating lifetime memories – wonderful – good luck!
    How wonderful! I look forward to living vicariously through your trip posts!
    This is really exciting! I really admire your guys’ sense of adventure and the way you live life to its fullest! I will definitely be reading from Alaska
    AHHH! I am so excited for you guys!!
    So cool!
    Wowza! What a fantastic year you have planned!!
    Fun!! What an adventure!!
    Can’t wait for the adventure to begin so we can all follow you!!!
    That’s awesome! Have an amazing and safe journey!
    Wow! How fun! Hope you have a wonderful time.
    That is so great! I will look forward to all of your posts!
    Wow! What an adventure! Wishing you all the best!
    Can’t wait to hear/read more!
    Beyond amazing! I’m jealous – you enjoy!!!
    You guys are amazing!! I love your mission statement. To see and experience as much as you can. Awesome! Such an inspiration. Have a blast and good luck!!!
    Janet, wow. What wonderful uncharted territory. I’m thrilled for you!
    Totally awesome! I will be living vicariously and following your blog closely.
    Gives “Go Big or Go Home” a whole new meaning. I’ll put you on my blog roll and stalk you around the world.

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