The Next Leg

Now that we’ve settled into Germany and will be meeting friends and family tomorrow afternoon for a few days, it’s time to peek down the road to where we expect to go next. The general plan, always subject to revision, is to head south, skirt around Hamburg and pick up the Elbe River Radweg. A conservative estimate has us arriving in Prague during the first full week of August.

Come join us for a day or three along the way or see you in Prague!

Enjoy the ride,

Janet and Jay

2 responses to “The Next Leg

  1. Glad things are going well, we launch off to Germany this week to cycle the Main Radweg from source to about it’s midpoint then off to the Alps! Keep it up.

    • Shane, Tad and Quinn- Enjoy your time in Germany. Sounds like a great trip. We are looking forward to getting back to the mountains. Norway was our favorite so far. Enjoy!

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