Snakes on the road

As we passed the Prague Zoo we came across this sign on the bike path:

Snakes on the road.

Snakes on the road.


Jay and I debated the meaning of the sign: Curves in the road?  Snakes on the road?  As we were trying to guess the meaning-  a decent sized grey snake slithered across the road just in front of Jay- as he approached, the snake sped up and quickly got off the path.  The debate was settled by a snake.

The sign translated (by Google translator) roughly means:

Cyclist, Caution
tensile stretch of critically endangered grass snake. Help us to protect her - ride safely

2 responses to “Snakes on the road

  1. Hi Guys 🙂 … I’m checking your blog and wanna say, now I understand more … you are great, so long journey, so lot of new locations, lot of new people, new adventures … really COOL LIFE. I have been glad to see You as my guests. My wife Vendula told me you slept well … I hope it’s reality. Actually long time I plan to sleep in a tent in the garden with my daughters as little adventures for them … maybe better to say for us 🙂

    Say hallo also to Jennifer … she isn’t loco :)) … she is nice

    Good luck Janet, Jay and Jennifer .. how I say double J + one more J 🙂

    Petr and Vendula

    • Petr and Vendula,
      It is great to hear from you! We really enjoyed your company and appreciate your hospitality. The girls will love camping in the yard. The fireplace was wonderful. We all slept really well. Thank you again. And, Jennifer is a little loco but very nice 🙂
      Janet and Jay

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