Possibilities in Romania- a good day!

Tuesday Sept 2: 76 km

Jay riding along the Mures River to Sebes

Jay riding along the Mures River to Sebes

Thank you Romania for sharing your beauty with me today. Thank you Romania for introducing me to so many kind people. Thank you husband for sticking by me on the mental lows, bicycle highs and to fend off stray dogs.

Today was a 172 degree difference. A few bumpy roads, a few dogs to shout down, but the rest of the day was wonderful. We spent the day on a secondary road on the north side of the Mures River far away from the main highway. Getting to the secondary road was a bit crazy with back roads, pot holes and dogs to keep you on your toes.

But once we got out on the secondary road, it was beautiful. The road was paved and good quality, it gently rolled through the river valley coursing just along the foothills through tiny villages with friendly faces. The river valley is beautiful – the road was fantastic bike riding. They type of road we would seek out to ride at home!

We are happily in Sebes, a small town situated at the base of the Transalpina highway. We decided to splurge on a room to recharge the batteries (figuratively and literally) and to make the rest of our plan for our time in Romania.

Perhaps Romania has a few things to show me, yet.

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