A Perfect Stop

Great little stops along the way in Romania

Great little stops along the way in Romania

No matter where we ride in Romania we are always happy to come across a Magazin Mixt. Most communities, regardless of the size will have a small store which usually sells some basic foods such as bread, meat, cheese, fresh veggies and fruits along with beverages: water, soda and yes, of course a variety of beers.   Outside of the store is usually a small patio, covered from the sun or rain with tables and chairs.  Most times they are simply plastic chairs, but sometimes they are hand built wood furniture or in one case just outside Novace, awesome swings.

These small stores or Magazin Mixt are havens for bicycle tourists.  They provide a nice break in the shade on a hot day with cool drinks.  There is usually a group of local characters, drinking (regardless of the time of day) who look in wonder at our loaded bikes.  Many times conversations will ensue with lots of sign language after they ask if we speak French or Russian and usually ending with the locals  indicating how impressed they are with us.  Often, they will grab their thighs, give the thumbs up and say “puternichi” or strong.


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