The Best Laid Plans…

The rumor is that the Peterbergers are coming home.  Is it true?

No matter the best laid plans, sometimes right turns take you down alternative paths.  And here we are – a right turn that has now changed the course of our trip.

Perhaps it is age, perhaps it is a testament to our lifetime commitment to sports and physical activity, but Jay’s shoulder needs a break from the bike.  We contemplated staying in SE Asia for our break.  Yes, living in SE Asia can be cheap – but not as cheap as being home for rehab.

Plus, there’s the advantage of family, dogs, friends, fresh Oregon air and familiarity with the language and medical system (for better or worse).

What we do know is that cycling in New Zealand will be intense with it’s off road tracks taking us high into the hills where we will camp and frolic in the mountain meadows.  This will require four good shoulders.

So we are on a holiday from our holiday and will be returning tomorrow.  We will rehab, work and live frugally so we can pick up our trip where we left of in a few months.

Portland folks – look out – the Peterbergers are coming home!

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