2,000 days away

Food for thought for all of us.

mike on bike

Banner image of rhombic calendar with snow in background.

The world is full of empty numbers. Ages, grades, dates and dollars – they’re all around us. But find a number polished and round, turn it over in your mind, and suddenly it matters. It becomes a milestone.

I can’t help but think this one is important.

Mike on Bike in front of Welcome to Inuvik sign on the Dempster Highway in Canada's Northwest Territories. Where it all began . . .

I’ve been on the road for 2,000 days. On a chill summer’s morning in 2009 I left Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories and started pedalling east. Now I rest in the mountains of New Zealand, at the opposite end of the world, and wonder what it all means.

In my early travel journals I find the words of someone angry and young, someone who thought the world would look best under his boot. I was wrong. My journey brought me as close as anyone can come to nature. I slept on the earth, under the stars…

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