Nepal: How you can help.


No matter how much I try, I cannot take my mind off the devastation in Nepal.  Nepal has a special place in my heart and it saddens me to see so much death and destruction from the earthquake and all the aftershocks.  This is not going to be an easy fix. The initial response with humanitarian aid is important in the search for survivors and to provide the basic necessities for those forced out of their homes.  Ongoing support is just as important to help Nepal rebuild their fragil infrastructure, provide basic provisions such as food, water, shelter, medical care and communication and to begin the healing and rebuilding process.

During my rides over the past few days I have had much time to reflect on what I can do to help the relief effort – and along with  you, I can provide monetary support to organizations dedicated to providing humanitarian aid. There are many organizations out there you can donate to – pick one that is reputable and provides the services you want to support. has provided a good overview of six disaster relief organizations you can donate to: Click on this LINK.

In addition to those organizations identified in the article you can donate to:

International Habitat for Humanity:

Mercy Corp:

Everest ER: 


Also, I know of two other smaller foundations whose funds go directly to support families in Nepal:

The Juniper Fund – started by my friend Melissa Arnot who is currently in Nepal and was down valley from Base Camp during the avalanche.

Wide Open Vistas – a non-profit started by my friends Seth Wolpin and Sherpa Ngawang Dorjee dedicated to supporting education and health needs for young people in Nepal.  They will be dedicating the funds for the Earthquake campaign to go directly to providing aid to their partners. Dorjee is with his family in Kathmandu.

No matter how small your donation, providing monetary support to reputable organizations is one way we can all help the disaster relief efforts in Nepal.

To all my friends in Nepal: Be safe and stay strong – our thoughts are with you.


My heart goes out to Nepal.

My heart goes out to Nepal.

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