Settling on a place to tour is always a fun discussion.  We have two weeks – the typical American amount of time for vacation – and wanted to visit a place that was small enough to enjoy in two weeks.  We started with Ireland – but Janet had already toured there. We didn’t want to spend too much time traveling – and somewhere in Europe seemed like a good option.  Neither of us have been to Portugal.  Several of our friends seconded the idea and the decision was made.

Next up: Portugal!  Our intention is to ride from Lisbon to Porto – tasting good food and sampling wine along the way.  We plan on using the The Portuguese Way or Caminho Portugués – one of the Camino De Santiago Pilgrimage routes. – as our basic route plan.  We have already begun to make changes to the route and we haven’t even started yet!

Off to pack up the bikes – ready for an early flight and day of travel.  See you in Portugal!

Enjoy the ride.

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