Enjoy the Ride

So many times I am asked “how fast do you  ride”  or “how often do you stop” or “how far do you go in a day” or, my favorite “how much does your loaded bike weigh”?   I am surprised nobody has asked how much I weigh!

My answer is usually unsatisfying to the interested party:  I don’t know, often (particularly for bakeries and pubs), anywhere from 2 -120 km and I have no idea.

Which brings me to the topic of this brief blog post:  It is your tour.  Ride as far as you want. Make your bike as light or heavy as makes you happy, go slow, go fast and stop as often as you like.  Whenever.  Ride for 100 miles straight and stay at a five star hotel or ride 10 miles and wild camp under the stars.   Or ride from Warm Showers to Warm Showers host.  Ride on paved roads, gravel or single track. Ride flat roads or tackle big hills.

It’s your tour.  There is no right or wrong in bike touring.  There is just your tour.  Oh, and Wear what you want!

Enjoy the ride.

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