Our trip over the pond was relatively uneventful. Minus the poor man who passed out on the plane. (He was ok!). We were immediately greeted by shelves full of Whittaker’s fine chocolate. Happy place!

Going through customs we had to give up our tent for biodiversity inspection. Luckily JP had taken the time to clean the tent before we left. It passed inspection … no new tent for us 😄.

Heading over to the biodiversity inspection. Happy to have retrieved our gear.

We were pleased to find a bike assembly area in the airport, often putting the bikes together under a stairway, behind a store or right in the middle of the airport. The dedicated bike assembly area was pretty nice not in the middle of the bustling action.

Jay building his bike.

It is not difficult assembling the bikes: attach handlebars, front wheel, front racks and fender, put on pedals, insert seat and reconnect brakes. Go enjoy the ride!

Done and ready to roll.

It didn’t take long for us to be reminded to look right then left when crossing a street and to ride on the wrong (aka left) side of the road.

We hit the first of the infamous North Island hills on our way into town from the airport. Both of us realized that it’ll be slow going these first few days.

We are both happy to be back on the bikes.

Enjoy the ride. 🚲🚲

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