Janet and Jay

Janet: I am passionate about healthy living, playing outdoors, cooking and writing.  With a doctorate in preventive care  I love to be active mostly spending time pursuing human powered activities in the outdoors. I am a professor of health and human performance and a registered dietitian.  I love to talk about nutrition and physical activity when ever I can.  I love traveling by bike and have been Bike touring since I was a teenager. I have  toured alone, with friends and now with my wonderful husband. I am fond of any type of bike tour from credit card with fancy hotels to mountain bike back country camping.  I have toured throughout Europe, New Zealand and the West coast of the US and plan on seeing as much of the world by bike as I can.  I like to work up some gourmet meals in the back country- and enjoy a glass of regional wine in the evening…even when camping! Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention our beautiful rescue pups.

Jay: I’ve been riding a bike as long as I can remember. My first bike was stolen in the summer between 1st and 2nd grade. Since then, I’ve been involved in just about every different aspect of cycling. Racing was fun but, for me, it was mostly about pushing my own limits. Wrenching introduced me to the most incredible people. Touring is where my psyche, spirit and body completely mesh with the bike. The lure of the unknown, the next climb and, of course, the next meal  make all the tribulations on the road irrelevant. Luckily I get to enjoy all this with my wife, Janet.

Bear (RIP), Janet, Jay and Jazzy.

Jazzy nd Levi

Jazzy and Levi (RIP)

8 responses to “Janet and Jay

  1. I saw on the adventure cycling forum that you outfitted your LHT with racks and panniers. I’m curious what type or brand?? I need to purchase the same for my new LHT. I have not had fenders on a bike since I was ten years old, but the experienced people tell me it is a must. So I will probably invest in those also.

    • Bill,
      If you want racks you don’t have to worry about, call Wayne at thetouringstore.com. He carries Tubus racks, ships for free and will help you choose the right rack for your needs. We chose the Cargo and Duo combination. We also decided on the Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus/Sport Packer Plus combo. These will give us the capacity we need and the waterproofing necessary in the NW and on tour.

      I’ve installed the SKS P50 (I believe this is the size for 26″ fat tires) fenders on my bike. Using the Tubus racks, these fenders attach to the rack, not the dropouts so plan ahead a little. I’ll be adding a short extension on the rear fender. The front is only about 25% coverage so I’ll be looking to make a 6-8″ extension. If you end up with a front rack that includes a top platform, it is easy to put a thin plastic insert to prevent front wheel spray from coming back at you.

      Depending on where you live and ride, fenders aren’t absolutely necessary. However, if there is water on the roadways on even a semi-regular basis, fenders will do a lot to keep your drivetrain cleaner and your feet drier. I don’t know about you but I feel both of these are worth the effort.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Enjoy the ride,

      • There’s the Cascadia Amtrak train that runs into Vancouver BC. Certain trains have a bike car. The train takes you into downtown Vancouver –station is 1 km. away from the popular Seaside-Seawall bike path, plus several other signed bike routes.

        Feel free to ask for advice. 🙂

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