Calves, Lambs, Puppies and Cria, Oh my.

Spring has surely sprung in Western Oregon as is evidenced by all the baby animals roaming the lush green hillsides.  The roads are lined with blooming trees all in soft white or shades of pink. Jay and I snuck out on Thursday morning for a invigorating 26 mile ride through SW Yamhill County. We had a bit of everything weather-wise: Sun, clouds, rain, hail, and lots of wind.  Traffic was exceptionally light as it was in the middle of the work day. 

We had some interesting discussions on this particular ride: Everything from food to types of pedal systems to academic politics.  Frankly, I prefer to discuss pedal types or food over politics, anyday.  

So, you might be asking “What is a Cria?”-  according to the Enchanted Learning website, a

Cria (baby Alpaca)

Cria is a baby Alpaca.  (This website has a very cool list of the names of baby criters- like ephnya hanging out in smacks). Our route passed by several alpaca ranches (or is it farms?) and the numerous Cria were evidence enough of what the Alpaca do to stay warm in the winter…. I’m just sayin’ .

Our ride ended with a most satisfying meal at my favorite breakfast eatery in McMinnville: The Wildwood Café:  Reasonably priced, down home cooking, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with fantastic service.  I had a veggie omelet with their homemade bread slathered with their homemade Marionberry jam.  Jay indulged in the Hobo Scramble also served with a thick slice

Wildwood Cafe

of butter laden homemade bread.   If you ride or visit Yamhill county, a trip to Wildwood is recommended- especially for breakfast.

Overall , a fantastic Thursday morning.

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