Technology on a Bike Tour. Really?

Yep.  Jay and I are investigating the best technology to take on our next bike tour.  Both of us will be teaching online during our time away and need the ability to stay connected to our students.  We will need access nearly daily to provide timely feedback, upload new material and stay in contact with our students.  As much as I would love to take off and tour the world with out having to work… that will not be the case.  

Initial technology ideas:

We are thinking on taking two, well really three, modes of technology: 1. a small note pad of some sort, 2. a reader with internet capability and a mobile phone.  So far, the Barnes and Noble Nook tablet seems to be the reader that meets our needs the best. In fact, I am typing this blog from a nook right now! Our longer posts will not be done this way….too slow!

Comments? Questions? Drop us a line...

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