Kissing Bridges

In Marion County- actually at the end of our ride.

As the fable goes, the covered bridges were preferred locations for young lovers to steel away for a snipit of privacy.

Some years ago, Jay and I toured a few of the covered bridges of Marion County, Oregon on our trusty Blue Burley Tandem Bicycle. Last weekend we decided to re-acquaint ourselves with some of the bridges of Marion County and were accompanied by our friend Jennifer Leonard . Jen is a hardcore, accomplished road cyclist who loves to climb and is preparing for an Italian Alps tour. She was warned before our journey that we are more in touring mode and less about traveling fast and furious. A fantastic, sunny Oregon day was only made better by the fun and lively riding company.

Jennifer and Janet

We completed a 55 mile loop with moderate climbing (well, for us) passing over (through?) a total of five of the historical covered bridges. According to the Covered Bridges Society of Oregon, the early settlers raised funds for the construction of the bridges by charging for crossing: $0.03 for sheep and $0.05 for a horse and rider.  If a horse translated to a bike – we would have contributed $0.75 to the cause!

Covering the bridges was done to extend the life of the timber trusses by 70 or so years- an unintended purpose is privacy for young lovers.

The covered bridges of Marion County are a beautiful reminder of the not so distant (as human existence goes) past.

The Route: starting in Scio and traveling counter clockwise:

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