Seven Days!

Happy 4th of July to the good ‘ole USA.

 Today, my mind is not on fireworks or parades. I woke up thinking – seven days. Yep, Seven days until we embark on our Wales Journey.  Planning a self supported camping bike tour is nearly as much fun as actually doing the bike tour.  Nearly.  We have been riding a good amount, particularly Jay who has really embraced the live by bike life style.  We have taken to commuting to work by bicycle to incorporate more riding, to get out of the car and to give back to the environment.  We are contemplating crucial decisions such as how many pairs of socks are you taking or will my old rain pants be sufficient?  (I am still not sure on either account).

We are now tracking the weather in Wales and guess what?  It’s raining. 

Wales Weather Forecast

Good thing we are training for our trip in Oregon, where it rains, a lot.  We will be keeping track of our gear and packing as this is an important piece of any successful bike tour. Not that I am thinking too far in the future, but the next tour is likely to be in a much more remote environment where we won’t have bail out options

So happy 4th of July  – enjoy the rare Oregon sunshine, parades and fireworks. We will be on our bikes preparing for the next Peterberger Adventure.

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