Day 2, Ride 2

Nothing special about the commute to work yesterday…except the noticeable drop in temperature.

JP skiing in WA

JP skiing in WA

Although I’ve commuted in cold weather before, it has been quite a while since I’ve ridden below 20F. The big thermometer I pass read 29F on the way in and 19F at midnight as I returned. 10 degrees might not sound like a big difference but I intentionally wore warmer clothes tonight and still felt the difference square in the face…mainly because I forgot my riding glasses. Tonight I’ll bring a pair of cheap ski goggles with clear lenses for the night ride home. These should keep not only my eyes from freezing, but also snug up the balaclava on my cheeks too.

The roads, for now, remain clear and dry and there is little snow or ice even on the smallest side roads. I’m looking forward to an even colder commute to come as long as the pavement remains safe for slicks. I’m also looking for some flat pedals with a bit of grip to ride in my insulated boots.  Any ride longer than an hour leaves my feet as ice cubes…

Enjoy the ride,


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