Days 3 & 4, Rides 3 & 4


Love the cheap, clear goggles for keeping my eyes from drying out and freezing

Thursday: 28F riding in, 17F riding home

Two more commute only days. It is still cold but beautiful riding. I’m constantly trying new combinations of layers to combat these temperatures.

For the near future, the roads continue to be clear and dry. Every now and then I come close to some remaining compacted snow and ice so I doubt the roads will be completely clear until it warms considerably.

The only exception is Division St. Division is coated with an anti-icing liquid at the first sign of possible icy roads. This is the main N-S arterial that divides Spokane into East and West streets. Just north of me, there begin actual No Cycling signs on the roadway. At first I was appalled they would actually ban legal users of the road just because of their choice of conveyance. However, since riding on some of the roads that parallel Division, I’m actually just fine with the situation. The local traffic managers have maximized Division for cars by eliminating any shoulder or curbside room to ride in. At the same time, multiple roads parallel Division that have single car lanes in each direction with more than adequate space for a cyclist along side. Just like any other roadway with cars on it, all of the debris from poor driving ends up in the cyclists path, but that’s a rant I’ll spare for another time.

When I got home, I plugged my headlight battery pack into the charger and the light didn’t even come on to indicate a charge or problem…no light at all. I wonder if I’ll need to move the bike and charger indoors to keep the battery topped off in this colder weather.


The BIG thermometer…that usually works

Friday: 27F riding in, 27F riding home

Tonight the battery charger turned on right away…maybe 27F is ok but 17F isn’t?

No change in temp from 2pm until midnight? Well last night was clear with a wonderful ice ring around the moon and tonight overcast and warmer. There must be a weather front moving in tomorrow.

In the early morning I’m flying to Oregon to spend the weekend helping Janet with final preparations for the Outdoor Environmental Studies class. I’ll fly back to Spokane on Tuesday night and they head out to the Cascades Wednesday morning.

My Surly Long Haul Trucker will be my cycling companion for the next four days. I’m betting on the western Oregon weather being low to mid-40’s and wet…some things just don’t change.

Enjoy the ride…


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