Janapar recommendation

As we get closer to leaving on our own long trip, this story comes back to mind…

Peterberger Bike Adventures

A story to watch!!!

Many of you may be aware of this story, but I suspect most are not. The starting premise was a round the world bike trip caught on video by a newbie bike tourist and cameraman.

As life happens, it turned out to be much more than anticipated.

If you love adventure, reaching into the unknown, pushing your own limits or just an interesting story with some unexpected twists…spend a few minutes and watch the trailer. There is more available at the Janapar website.

I guess they could have titled the story “It’s Not About The Bike” but I hear that was taken and it isn’t going so well for the author right now… ;-}

Enjoy the ride,


For the record…This is an unsolicited recommendation. I have received nothing from the makers of Janapar in return for this recommendation. I saw the trailer, downloaded the video…

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