Trash Thoughts

I don’t know what it is about human nature and dumping trash in the environment.  I picked up a bunch of trash just walking back from the science building to my office on campus.  There were candy bar wrappers, receipts and one hand written note- nothing juicy.  Our campus is beautiful, I don’t understand why someone would dump trash – there are trash cans – use them.

On my ride home- I was once again disgusted with the roadside trash in all the usual places.  I took a beautiful detour over the Dundee hills on a gravel back road and there it was… a bag of dumped trash and beer cans.  Now the trash is someone else’s problem.  It will be interesting to see how other countries compare when it comes to dumping trash.

If you love your environment, if you appreciate the beautiful world around you – please don’t litter.  Even if you don’t appreciate the beauty in the world- I do.

A few more trashy thoughts are found here: road-side trash

2 responses to “Trash Thoughts

  1. No, I mean…I know what you mean about the “trash”….. do we acknowledge the trash, ignore it, broom it under the carpet or throw it away…

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