And so it begins. I have cycled through a myriad of emotions.  The unknown of our adventures. The adventures.  That part is exciting.  The people we will meet, the places we will see.  The miles in our legs as we turn the pedals from town to town. Through busy streets into open country roads over mountains and fjords.  Under the sun, in the rain (must buy rain gloves) with and against the wind.  Each day, each moment will bring a new adventure a new outlook on life.  I am not sure if I am looking for something. But it I am, I hope I find it. There will be stories to tell – stories that Jay and I will cherish forever.  It is the unwritten stories, the “what’s going to happen” that is warming my soul.  I haven’t felt this alive for years.

What we have left behind is a reminder that we are loved.  We are loved.  We are not running or hiding we are exploring. Seeing the world by bicycle is our way of being happy and everyone we know is along for the ride in our hearts and in our thoughts.  I am sure we will be homesick from time to time.  I am sure we will miss our people and our pups.  I already do.

Our trip started perfectly thanks in part to all the birthday wishes.  Mom is an angel who delivered us safely to the airport without a hitch.  I miss you mom.  Enjoy your summer.  Eat lots of berries for me and pet the pups. Greenland is directly below us as our plane smoothly glides towards Iceland.  We are both hungry because we are too cheap to pay for airplane food and our snack food is just not cutting it.  If that is the worst of our worries for the day- then we are happily on our way.  Happy birthday to me. Forty-nine is going to be hell-of-a-year.


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