Naturist Camps- Denmark

The view from our Naturist camp site. Not too bad.

The view from our Naturist camp site. Not too bad.

So now I know what a “Nature” camp place is. Jay and I were able to wild camp in Norway. Wild camping costs nothing and as long as you are 150 m from a private dwelling you can set up camp anywhere. Wild camping is not legal in Denmark. We have heard that there are primitive campsites and naturist campsites. Until now we have been unable to find either one.

Today, we were 72 k into our day with plenty of Danish uphills and headwinds in our legs. We were tired. We rode through Middlefart (yep – that is the name of the town) towards the place that was marked with a little tent on the map, just SE of town on a spit of land that is possibly classified as an island.

Welcome to Middlefart.

Welcome to Middlefart.

As we crossed the water, we came to a t-junction that had a sign post indicating camping to the left and naturist camping to the right. So, figuring that we could save some money by primitive camping, we went right.

As we ascended the final hill (there is always that last hill) we were surprised to see the flags, campers and fan fare of the typical Danish campgrounds. We were there and we were tired, so we decided it would have to do. We went into the little store to check in – still clueless as to what made this place a naturist vs a regular camping place. Immediately, I noticed the pencil with the eraser shaped in the form of a man and women engaging, naked, doggy style. Our first clue.

Anita, the very nice 60 something camp host informed us that she was sorry, there were no spots available. They were completely full.

I put on my best sad face and claimed to be tired -after all we did just cycle 75 km uphill with a headwind. Anita thought for a moment and said ‘you know what, you look like you could use some tea’. With that she walked us outside and showed us a bit of grass between the information kiosk and a cabin and asked if that will do.

Back in the little store, Anita poured our tea into mugs with nipples on them. Our second clue.

Thanking Anita for her generosity, as we made our way out the door I noticed a flyer about naturist camping. All the people through out the flyer are naked. Cooking naked, playing volleyball naked and sitting around playing cards, butt naked.  Now we know.

Should be an interesting night.

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