Naturist Camp Follow-up

The view from the pier.

The view from the pier.

Follow up to our previous blog about naturist camps in Denmark: 

Our camp spot was near the potable water spigot which made for some interesting viewing. Aside from the occasional naked person walking to get water, we were mostly left to our own devices while in camp that evening.  We decided to cook dinner in the provided kitchen area and found that clothing was the norm in the common areas- unless there is a party, then all bets and all clothes are off. We chatted with a nice Danish couple and their young kids (approximately 5 and 7) who wanted to practice their English.

The morning came quickly as mornings on the road do and it was a spectacularly sunny start to the day.  I made my tea and headed down to the pier to enjoy Earl Grey in solitude, just me and my tea.  The camp ground was a buzz with folks drinking coffee, reading the paper and keeping their privates from getting sunburned.  The two kids were racing around in their European versions of Big Wheels – with not a stitch of clothing except their plastic sandals.  Sensible, that.

On our way out we were once again greeted by our camp host, Anita, this time buck naked.  ‘By the way’ she said as she retrieved the nipple cups ‘this is a naked camp, you know?’

Yes, Anita, we figured that out.

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