Commuting in Portland

The waterfront - Portland early AM

The waterfront – Portland early AM

My day started with a lovely walk along the Portland waterfront. The morning light was just beginning to brighten and mist hung heavy in the air.  I had fun walking among the people commuting to work by bike or on foot. I enjoyed seeing the different clothing and gear choices.  There were high end bikes and tights, fancy (and colorful) shoes and jackets.  There were clunkers and junkers well loved by their owners. There were single speeds and bikes that Auntie Em would be proud of complete with a dog in the wicker basket. There was a racer chick with her torso nearly doubled over on her obviously to-big-for-her frame riding next to the scraggly bearded dude riding a far-to-small-for-him frame.  There were jeans and fancy pants, tights and shorts. There were hats, scarfs, caps and bare bald heads. There were sun glasses regardless of the lack of sun.  There were all kinds of carrying sacks from spendy Ortleib panniers to plastic sacks strapped to the bike. Some wore backpacks and others carried nothing at all.

What was entirely clear to me was that everyone, running, riding, or walking seemed to be present in the moment. Happy to be outside.  Their gear was theirs and it didn’t really matter what it was. As long as they were free and happy to ride, run or walk.

Commuting by bike or on foot makes sense to me.  Gear doesn’t really matter.  Just get out there and ride (or run or walk).

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