Just Riding Around (JRA)

JRA5Sometimes you ride your bike just because you want to ride your bike. No destination, plan, mileage or time.  Jay and I love declaring that we are going for a bike ride at any random moment. When asked where we are going or how long the ride will be we often have no answer.  We don’t know. Yesterday was a great example:  We had no idea that we would climb to the top of Bald Peak before we left- a relatively short ride with lots of elevation gain. We made decisions to go right, left, up or down as we approached intersections.  We stopped for pictures with cows and pondered murderous monkeys.  We traveled back country roads previously unexplored by us.  No reason, no plan.

We love Just Riding Around and first read this phrase (although we have been living it for a long time) on the Early Morning Cyclists blog.  The concept of just going for a ride- just to go around – just to be on your bike translates nicely to running, hiking, snow shoeing – anything.  Just get out, just ride around.

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