Sage Advice in Tasmania

I notice Jay chatting with an older gentleman just outside of the post office in Kingston, Tasmania.  The gentleman was supporting his weight with two metal walking sticks. He was just shorter than Jay.  His round spectacles kept slipping down his large, red nose because he was leaning forward, bearing his weight on the walking sticks.  He spoke carefully, making eye contact and smiling at the end of each sentence. As I approached, Jay asked him if he had always lived in Hobart and this was his answer:

“I have lived all over Australia, Queenstown, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. In my mid 40’s I got a job that took me to the South Pole.  I had to stay down there on an expedition for six months, it was quite cool.  During transport we over-nighted in Hobart and I fell in love with the place. I said right then and there that once I am done working, when I retire, I will move to Hobart. And that is what I did some years later. But, I had no luck here. I love it here but I have no luck. I had a heart attack and a stroke. I had my big toe amputated – that’s why I need the sticks. I have all the money I need to live a hundred more years – but I can not buy my health and I can not buy luck.  People should get out and experience life while they can. Good on you for living your life while you have your health. Good on you for living now, not later. Enjoy your ride. G’day mates. ”

And he hobbled on his way.

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